Reduce Weight

Automotive OEM’s have long been challenged to reduce weight and improve fuel economy. Aluminum driveshaft yokes have been a part of the solution as they are both lightweight and strong.
Review the end product with the customer to determine the best design and shape that would offer the best cost to performance ratio.
Once the design is created, Mueller creates a computer simulation to verify metal flow and also to review tool stresses to ensure part can be manufactured repeatedly without breakage or excessive wear to the tooling.
Part design, price, and lead time were presented to the customer. The proposal included automation at the forming process, as well as at the machining, washing, and inspection of the yokes . The design proposed allows the customer to achieve the performance required and meet the cost targets budgeted for the project.
After being sourced as a raw yoke supplier, Micro Gauge was chosen to machine aluminum yokes previously machined by the OEM’s. A lightweight, high-strength component machined by Micro Gauge was delivered on time. After proving that Micro Gauge was a dependable and reliable partner, steel forged yokes were added to the product line.